Mike Harrah


The Visionary

Risk has never stopped Mike Harrah. Whether he's driving his dragsters at 240 miles per hour, flying stunt helicopters in major Hollywood productions, or racing to meet a construction deadline on a project that no one ever expected to succeed, Mike's career has been characterized by his willingness to look beyond the ordinary and transform the impossible into reality.

Traveling In Style

While Mike thought he'd be a beach bum in Hawaii after his high school graduation, the reality of working in the pineapple fields and surfing only occasionally quickly convinced him to return home. After spending three days in the airport to get a standby flight back to Southern California, Mike vowed to one day buy a private jet. Today he owns a Gulfstream IV plus five helicopters, including a Cobra which he has flown in TV shows like E.R. and in blockbuster films like The Hulk, Terminator 3, Blackhawk Down and The Siege.

Merging Past and Present

Originally coming to Lake Havasu to race ski boats, Mike realized the area's potential and purchased the English Village and London Bridge attractions then later built the Queens Bay Hotel and developed an entire resort around the trio. Recognizing the unique opportunity presented by an authentic Old English village in the heart of Arizona, Mike built a large shopping mall, 13,000 square foot country club and the Queens Bay Marine Stadium.

Building on a Legacy

When Mike Harrah was a young boy, his father brought him to Santa Ana on a routine business matter. Driving down the wide streets lined with ornate mid-rise buildings, Mike felt like he was visiting the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz. After establishing himself as a developer, Mike took another look at Orange County's capital city. Where some saw criminal activity, abandoned buildings and a crumbling infrastructure, Mike imagined a vibrant city center, filled with art galleries, restaurants, and nightlife. Today, downtown Santa Ana is a burgeoning hub of diverse entertainment options, live/work lofts and proposed construction that will contribute to the rejuvenation of the city.

Mike F. Harrah


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