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OCHSA names new symphony hall after Mike F. Harrah

When it comes to Santa Ana, I'm passionate about a lot of things. The other night I was able to see three things I love come together: the restoration of a beautiful historic building, the performing arts, and the enrichment of some of Orange County's most talented kids at OCHSA--the Orange County High School of the Arts. I turned over the building I restored and transformed into the OC Pavilion to the school and I am pleased to see it become a performance venue for the students. I've been involved with OCSHA for the last 11 years and, at the opening ceremony, I was presented with an award which read:

"In honor of Michael F. Harrah for his unwavering devotion, vision and commitment to build, finance and continue to donate his time and resources to the success of the OCHSA campus and theater arts buildings. LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL THAT ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 11 DECEMBER 2010 - THAT THIS MICHAEL F. HARRAH RESTORED 1922 HISTORIC 250 SEAT PERFORMING ARTS THEATER LOCATED AT 920 NORTH MAIN STREET SHALL FOREVER BEAR THE NAME: MICHAEL F. HARRAH SYMPHONY HALL"

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V24 - 71 Detroit Diesel 3434 HP Built by Big Mike Harrah

If you thought my other engine I posted here wasbig, this one is a monster. In fact, it's the largestDetroit Diesel engine on the planet. This engine has over 3,000 horse power and as you'll notice, it's justa little bit loud:

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My Little V24 Engine

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved working on engines. This Detroit Diesel v-24 71-blower engine is turbo charged. At 2,858 horsepower, it's a monster. This baby is bad to the bone!

All the best!

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3000hp Packard Hotrod

Here’s a video of my 3000 horse-power, 31-foot long Packard hot rod. The video and sound quality aren’t the best, but it’s from the Coastline Classic car show. I love bringing cars to this event in Corona del Mar, CA and this was a really good show. This car won the People’s Choice Award in 2009 and its one of my favorite vehicles for just being over the top amazing.

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1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II

Here’s a little video featuring my 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II. This baby has a 12 cylinder Merlin 1 aircraft engine out of a British Spitfire airplane:

My favorite question from this interview was “Why would you want to put an aircraft engine in a car?” If you know anything about me, my answer should be pretty obvious: Bigger is Better!
Best, Mike Harrah

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Mike F. Harrah


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